Dear Skuid-Experts!!! Is that possible to make certain words in Sub-Title of a Page Title to make B

Hi All,

I wanna make certain words in a sub-title to make BOLD and Underlined


is it possible to bold and underline the Sub-Title in the Skuid Page Title section?

How do we achieve this in Skuid ?

Thanks in advance!

I would use a template component instead. You can design the fonts and layouts here: That will generate HTML that you can paste into your template. Then you can have different fonts, colors, positions, bolding, underlining, italics, etc… Good luck.

Rich text component makes this even easier… no html knowledge necessary.

If you want your pagetitle component’s subtitles to ALWAYS be bold and underlined, I’d bet you could do that in the theme composer.

Hey Raymond and Matt,

I thank you both for your valuable response to my question here .
I did in a different way , I defined an in-line CSS for text formatting and made the sub-titlle like below:

This is a SUB-TITLE with BOLD and Underline!! Remaining TEXT Goes on and on

that way - I used the standard skuid page title component but overriding CSS to make look custom.

Thanks again.

and Happy Holidays!!!