DateTime displaying minutes in both 1 min & 5 min blocks

I have a DateTime field in a table, which also has an action running on it. When a new row is created in the model, the DateTime field prepopulates with Today’s date and time. Depending on what time this row is created, the minutes picklist will populate with either 1 min increments (00-59) or 5 min increments (00-55). I’ve attached 2 screenshots to explain better. New row created at 9.25 (Minutes picklist in 5min increments) New row created at 9.26 (Minutes picklist in 1 min increments) This isn’t so much a problem, more of an observation, as the row actions here are fantastic. But would there be a way to limit the picklist to 5min increments?

Greg - we’ve replicated this issue and are exploring it further. Thanks for reporting. 

This behavior is intentional.  Basically if the datetime value stored in Salesforce is blank or is in a 5 minute increment, Skuid will display the picklist values in increments of 5.  However, if the value from the database is not in a 5 minute increment, Skuid tries to be smart and figures that you want more precision.  Also, we don’t want the case where one of the picklist options is not what you currently have in your data.  I would like to see maybe a “date granularity” property on date renderers so that you could set this setting.  However, there still remains the issue where the data in the database does not match up with the granularity.