datepicker error

For some reason one of my date fields is automatically popping up the datepicker when it shouldn’t be - the field is contained in a popup and when a user opens that popup the datepicker is automatically opened, which is a bit distracting for the user when they don’t need to edit the date field.

I’m also getting a console error at the same time:

It happens when the field editor containing the date field is set to Edit or Read with inline edit, but not when set to Read only. There is also no custom field renderer running on it.

Any ideas why this might be happening?

Yes to me too, But only when is the first editable field in the popup

Yes, I just confirmed that this is a bug - it happens when the field editor is the first component in your popup and the date field is the first field in the field editor. I’m reporting it.  

For now, until the bug is fixed, you can avoid this by rearranging the fields, or putting a page title or a template or something above the field editor. Unfortunately it looks like it’s not faked out by a blank template or page title (rats!) it looks like it has to have some sort of visible content.

Thanks guys. I look forward to the fix.

I’m having the same problem. I can close the datepicker from the console with this javascript:


But I can’t seem to find a way to put that in a snippet that gets it to run at the appropriate time to close the datepicker when the popup is opened.