Date selection box detached from field

Date selection box seems to show up wherever it wants to for our iPad users, instead of staying connected to its field. In the image below, the date selection popup is for the field labeled “Date and Time”

Has anyone else experienced this?
Skuid 10.0.24
iOS 11

Thank you for the screenshot, that looks strange.
Could you please let us know more details:

1. Does it occur only on a specific page or is it a general issue?
2. Can you share an XML with only standard salesforce objects&fields or UI-only models where the issue appears?

It is not consistent across all pages/users for us. When I build new pages this does not happen but on existing pages and for some users the floating calendar is persistent for them. It would be nice if there was some overriding JS or CSS we can use to change the location of the calendar. Thanks!