date picker calendar rendering off screen or in sporadicly different locations. Can I use CSS to set

Recently upgraded to Millau and a few problems have been popping up here and there. Here is another one:

Like the title says, when editing a date field the usual calendar date picker that pops up has been rendering very low on the screen or sometimes not visible at all. I am not sure why but this is a problem for many users as they often cannot even access the small calendar at all.

Does anyone know if/what custom CSS I can use to set the location for the calendar to render at?

Can you share any screenshots? Can you specify which exact version you upgraded to? And can you share any XML of a page that reproduces this error, preferably made out of standard objects and fields?

Skuid version 11.1.14
Users will edit the field and see this: (no date picker at all)

If I drag the window around up and down, close edit mode, reopen edit mode etc then sometimes it will popup like this:

Update, when I said it did not appear I was wrong, it does appear but very far down the page. I had to zoom out considerably to find the date picker down there. 

Again, is there a way I can get the picker to appear at the position of the click/date field?

We’re having the same problem for users on iPads, running 10.0.25. See:

I’ve been following up with Luzie offline. I’ll try to remember to report a resolution here if she can help identify one.

Did you get any resolution for this?

Update: So it seems the issue is only occurring on popups. What I also noticed is that the calendar appears down the page commensurate with how far down the page in the background is scrolled down. Meaning, with a popup open the background page must be scrolled all the way to the top for the calendar to appear in the correct location. Every bit the parent/background page is scrolled down, the calendar moves and equal distance down. Just FYI! 

Hi Michael, we’re having exactly the same problem, have Skuid acknowledged this as a bug?

We are also having this  issue on popups- but not all popups.