Date filters with inclusive dates

Have a date filter on a Queue component (working fine). However the date range is less than and greater than. I would like them to be inclusive less than or equal to & greater than and equal to.

So if you want 09/02 records you select 09/01 and 09/03.

I don’t see anywhere on the filter to specify <= & >=.

thanks, jhb

James, What version of Skuid are you running?

With the Summer release (Skuid v5.x) - we have improved date range filters, allowing you to automatically create the conditions for a date range filter based on any date or date time field. In my testing this is an inclusive condition. (Start date = 5/1/2014 includes all records with 5/1 date).

Before the summer release you had to create your own conditions (and that option still exists). In those conditions you can choose an “less than or equal to operator”

Hopefully these two options will get things fixed for you.

Rob,  Yeah, I actually got this fixed late on Friday (of course after I posted this).  But this explains why it worked Friday and not earlier.

thanks, jhb