DataSource Trouble with Dynamic Model on Site

See video:


Oh, and we’re still way back on 10.0.27 (v1).

Looks like setting up a dummy model to make sure the page has the right metadata was the trick. Thanks, Jer!

Hey Folks. I thought this was resolved by adding dummy models to my page so that Skuid could find the metadata for all the models that I need to create dynamically, but apparently that doesn’t work now that Spring 21 is in full effect.

What would cause a model to default back to “salesforce” as a dataSource instead of the defined datasource on a public site, but not anywhere else?

Here’s the relevant code:

var modelObj = {};

  <b>modelObj.dataSource = ? "siteSalesforce" : "salesforce";</b>

  modelObj.objectName = 'Signature_Type__c'; = "SignatureType_"+stname;

  modelObj.doQuery = true;

  modelObj.recordsLimit = 1;

  modelObj.preventUnloadIfUnsavedChanges = false;

  modelObj.fields = [

    {id: "Id"},

    {id: "Name"},

    {id: "Title__c"},

    {id: "Default_Style__c"},

    {id: "Signee__c"},

    {id: "Type_Lookup_Model__c"},

    {id: "Witness__c"},

    {id: "Witness_Signee__c"}


  modelObj.conditions = [


      type: 'fieldvalue',

      field: 'Name',

      operator: '=',

      value: stname,

      encloseValueInQuotes: true



 <b> var model = new skuid.model.Model(modelObj);</b>

modelObj is getting defined correctly, with dataSource: “siteSalesforce” on a public site.

But when I call skuid.model.Model(modelObj) the dataSource for the resulting model is “salesforce”, not “siteSalesforce,” which doesn’t work on a public site.


Apparently defining the models with XML instead of the model object works! Thanks to @Walter_Lowry for the direction. :slight_smile:

It’s uglier, but it works:

var modelXML = ‘<model id="’+stname.split(" “).join(”“)+'” datasource="'+

  ( ? 'siteSalesforce' : 'salesforce')+

  '" sobject="Signature_Type__c" query="true" limit="1" unloadwarningifunsavedchanges="false">'+


    '<field id="Id"/><field id="Name"/><field id="Title__c"/><field id="Default_Style__c"/>'+

    '<field id="Signee__c"/><field id="Type_Lookup_Model__c"/><field id="Witness__c"/><field id="Witness_Signee__c"/>'+


  '<conditions><condition type="fieldvalue" field="Name" operator="=" value="'+stname+'" enclosevalueinquotes="true"/>'+


var model = new skuid.model.Model(skuid.utils.makeXMLDoc(modelXML));