Data source "SkuidDataService" could not be reached due to an undefined connection error. Please che

Hi all of a sudden MY DSO in prod and sandbox stop working with this error

Is that from Skuid’s Side?

As nothing has changed on our end, 1 minute all was working then all of sudden boom , errors on all apges using DSO

@skuid or anyone experiencing same issue?


Approximately what time did this happen? I’m not seeing errors in our logs. But may not be looking at the right timeframe.

Oh, and maybe you can email me your Org ID. That would help.

Hi rob, and thank you

It happened around 6pm.

Just emailed you my org ID

6pm est

Issue was on skuid side, thank you Rob for having it fixed quickly!

@Rob_Hatch @skuid Hey Guys, this may be related to issue above, as this only started since yesterday

Sometimes we get this error: Post "<a href=“":">”: read tcp> read: connection reset by peer

Which according to Dev IP starting with 10. are internal IP’s you guys use.

Any idea why i get this couple times a day since yesterday?


Hey guys, I have a similar issue I think.

I am getting the following error after I configured a REST POST method…

Data source “Resolution 1 API” could not be reached due to an undefined connection error. Please check your settings.

Can anyone help me?

  • Hi Mars,

    What version of Skuid are you using?

  • What data source are you connecting to via REST?
  • Please double check your data source configuration. Check out the Skuid documentation for REST data sources

    • for more guidance.