Data source action !

Data source action in the new feature added to the skuid Brooklyn release. I have been looking to add data source action for data source but not been able to add it. I would be glad if someone could give me help me out with this.


Currently data source actions are defined by Skuid under each pre-configured data source. Check out this tutorial for an overview, and look at specific pre-configured data source types to learn about their actions.



I’m also interested in seeing how the new Data Source actions work. More specifically the email, email alerts and approval process actions. I tried looking for the tutorial you linked above but it’s just pointing to a Skuid Doc on Data. Actually both your links go to the same page. I was hoping to find a old fashion Skuid tutorial with step by step and screen shots.



Yup, looks like I need to update those links (they’re updated now). They point to our old documentation site, and so when you click them they automatically redirect to our new doc site, but the tutorials aren’t exactly the same from one site to another, so they end up both going to the new page. Here’s a link to a general overview of data source actions, and here’s the Salesforce specific data source actions. You’ll have to look at specific data sources to see their data source actions. Right now our documentation site is still growing and so we don’t have as many step-by-step tutorials (for example, for the Salesforce specific data source actions), though we do still have the step by step tutorials we had on the old site. It looks like there is help text for all the properties of the data source actions which spells out what goes in each property, so I’d encourage you to give it a try and let us know if you have trouble with anything :slight_smile: