Data not showing up for Salesforce standard object Account

The standard object in my org had its label renamed to Company. Before adding SKUID on salesforce I renamed it back to Account. Once I installed SKUID, it is showing data for other objects but Account despite showing Account as an option in Objects.

Can you give us a bit more detail here…
You see the Account sObject as available to make a model against? But at runtime no data is returned?
Do you have admin rights in the org and are you sure you should be able to see accounts?
Do you have conditions on the model that prevent the return?

Hi Rob
Yes, the Account SObject is available to make a model against,

and Yes during Run TIme no data is returned.
I do have admin rights in the org. Only the Sobject Account is showing this behavior. Other Sobject like Contact is returning data fine. Although if i try to etch account data through the contact Lookup then again nothing is returned.

No conditions on the Account model.

Ive attached a screenshot. You will see List of accounts on the left. The System is recognising that there is a list of data but no data is visible. While in the middle you can see Contact data being shown.