Data entry Wizard

I have built a page of the data entry on SF records against Accounts, Contacts, Opportunity and some custom objects.As soon as the any Lead is marked as in office booked it is converted and we need to do the data entry on accounts, contact and opportunity, every account will have only two contacts associsated with it which is a couple, when I start data entry wizard the it only brings up one of the contact records assosciated with the account, not both of them as is visible below… This field editor is rendered on the marital status field on account which is on first page of the wizard, I wish to change it to fetching both the contact records

Please help me with this…Also Can i render one of the Steps in the wizard


Here is a general tutorial for the wizard component that might be helpful. How are you deciding which contact to bring in? Is the contact couple already created or are you creating a new contact couple? If you’re creating a new contact couple you might want to make sure that you’re creating two new rows in the model and not just one.

Steps can be conditionally rendered! If you look at the step button of the wizard component you can define render conditions for the button, to control when its shown and to control where the user goes next. There’s a little more information about conditional rendering in the tutorial I linked to under Optimize Your Wizard: Best Practices.



Thanks for this… will go through the tutorial… dont have much experience with skuid so really don’t know where are things going wrong

But need hel with something else as well…

To access this wizard i hav eadded its URL in a Row action on a table. when clicked on this action/button ideally it should open up the wizard related to each record. But I am getting this error instead, Can you please help me with this


It looks like you need to add an &id= to your URL in the row action. That way, it goes to the wizard page and then looks up which record you want to look at based on the id parameter. So in the row action the URL should be in the format of skuid__ui?page=Wizard_Page_Name&id={{Id}}. The {{Id}} part of this statement is pulling the Id field from the record of the row that you selected.



I am using something like this as the Page URL{{WhatId}…

And the contact model has the following condition on it

Account model has this one

but case is the same…!!
As advised by you that max. number of records to load should not help sort this. if i donot limit it to a certain number it brings up infinite number of records…!!

Can you please help me with this

From my understanding of it i don’t think that contact model is working on the condition of picking up the account id

Everytime i go to the page it picks up all the contact records from salesforce what soever
i have changed the URL parameter to what you provided me earlier, but there got to be some problem with the contact model and its conditions to pick account … i am not sure what is going wrong

Currently the URL is:{{id}}

and condition on account model is: