Daisy chain condition setting from Row Action

I know I"m missing something here because this should be doable and magical.

I’m trying to allow users to click on a row action for “Initiatives” and update another “ActionsChosen” model.  They’re linked together with a custom junction object “InitiativeActions”

Here are my steps:

  1. Activate and set model condition (initActionChosen> Initiative__r.Id = {{Id}}
  2. Query model (initActionChosen - completely rewrite data
  3. Activate model condition on ActionsChosen:
  4. Id in the set of values containing Action__c from initActionChosen model
  5. Query ActionsChosen model - completely rewrite data
I tried to build a wizard to display the information step by step and it looks like I don’t make it very far.  I can get the Id to show up in a template but when I try to set the value on Step 1 above with that Id, I get a blank table returned.

What am I missing?  Whoever can help me get this working will be a rockstar.


Initiatives with linked actions:

Linking Initiatives with Actions


The issue is in that you can’t set a value in an object that you haven’t yet queried. ie.  Initiative__r.Id = {{Id}}

This should be Initiative__c = {{Id}}

Tried that before (and again)… no dice.

Long explanatory posts drive me nuts. Can you record a video? There’s a free Chrome extension for this that uploads to youtube.com called Techsmith Snagit. 


Better yet would be to do a screenshare.

Subquery the junction object instead of trying to filter the junction and use that filtered model to use a field on it to filter another table.

Pat’s the man, the magician and a rockstar.


One more thing. Set up another webex.