Customizing the New button on the Salesforce1 Recent Accounts view

Hey everyone, looking to see if anyone has been able to customize the New button on the Salesforce1 Recents Account’s view (please see image below, screen #2). 

We’ve attempted to create a Visualforce page to create a picklist of our account record types (screen #3), then go onto another VF page (screen #4), but we lose all integrity in consistent UI design. 

Can anyone provide some feedback on the best way to get this done in Skuid? Or if anyone has successfully created a VF page like this?

A few things come to mind. 
- You can create a new record page that integrates the record type selection into a single page.   This would eleminiate one of your page hops here. And keep everyting in a nice skuid page (YAY)
- Override the “New” button with a page specifically designed for SF1.  (Make sure the VF page used to carry out the override and wrap the skuid page is mobile enabled).  Then make the desktop environment use a new button that goes to a specific url so that you can make different experiences for the different environments.  

@rob Hatch - Can you override SF1 button with skuid? Is that what I’m reading?!?!?