Customized excel import

I’m really liking Skuid’s excel import feature! Quick question, we would like customize some parts of the process. There are 3 points we would like to play with:

  1. The title of the page.
  2. The photo
  3. The most important part… Can we change the temp file which gets downloaded, to a template that we specify?

Since this page is a VisualForce page in the skuid managed package which gets the download file from the StaticResource it seems like we can’t change anything. Is there any way we can get the file to change other than recreating the entire process (apex controller, VF page, etc.)?

We would also be very interested in doing this exact thing. Moshe, did you find a solution?

Nope, I did reach out to the Skuid folks, but I think they’re not ready to open this up to be modified. If other people want this as well, I imagine they could accommodate this change :wink:

Yes Moshe.  Drum up the support.  We do listen to our customers.  But we haven’t yet heard a groundswell of interest in further investment in the import function.  Maybe you can change that.  

Well, there’s at least two now :slight_smile:

What is this import function?  Where can I learn more about it.  (I tried searching, but came up empty.  Kept finding pages with “IMPORTant” on them.
I’d like to import CSV and Excel too.

Seth.  Here is the tutorial that covers the Import Wizard  Hopefully the tone of this thread doesn’t fill you with dispair.  It really is a cool tool. 

I know of another company that wants this feature.  I think it would be a great addition to Skuid.

This would be very valuable for a number of use-cases in our environment.

Same here

Mysterious. Is this a feature that used to exist, but has been disappeared? Would be useful. Any relation to data source objects?


The feature is still there.  It is a VisualForce page that you can redirect to for imports.  You just need to specify the object.  Here is an example URL:


Here is a posting that gives you some other options that you can use with the Import page.



Thank you so much, Bill