Customize Table No Rows Message

I am using one task object that is related to many other objects. Thing is, sometimes I’m not using the task object strictly as only a task. Sometimes I call it something else. As such, when there are no rows in the model/table I’d like to be able set what is displayed.

I’ve not looked into this yet, however, having the ability to override with an image has the text would be nice as well.

Yup - we’ve seen this before.  We allow you to customize the placeholder text in table search boxes and should apply that same text to this “blank state” scenario. 

Its on the list. 

Is this still on the list or in development? Quite relevant when there are more than one record type in an object. ie. Account object w/ Client and Vendor record types.

Its still on the list.  Along with lots of other things. 

I had a CEO who once exclaimed, “… don’t you come in the office and lay hands on the computer and code happens…?”

Yes, he was dead serious.

Rob, maybe you should try magic dust.

Hi Rob, Is this feature available now or still on the list. I am also facing similar issue as I need to customize this message. Thanks!!

LOL! :stuck_out_tongue:

FYI There is a workaround for this issue here:

Plus you may want this page too: