Customize reference field lookup dialog title

Lookup dialog title seems to default to the API name which is undesirable. Is there a way to use the standard name or better set my own title?

Yeah,  That’s pretty ugly… We’ll make a note and get that changed. 


Rob, Any chance this will be fixed soon?  I cringe every time I perform a demo and see the API name in the title.  Perhaps I am too picky?

Not to picky at all Irvin. Its on the list.  Just a bunch of things also on the list (As you can totally imagine)… 

This has been fixed and will be available in the Banzai release. 

Awesome and thanks.


Did this feature (customize the dialog title of a reference field lookup) make it into Banzai?  Is it available in Rockaway?  If so, how do I override the title of the popup dialog?