Customize Error Message at Top of Screen


I just implemented something called Dupeblocker, it’s by CRMFusion (they have a great product line).

Dupeblocker prevents duplicate records from entering the system - it displays an error message at the top, and provides a link to the already existing record. In native SFDC the error message is fine (picture displayed below), However, in Skuid, the error message is not helpful to the end user (displayed below).

My question is, is there any way for me to edit that error message to show something more helpful, similar to what the native SFDC error shows? Mainly, I’m trying to provide a link to the duplicate record. Any advice is greatly appreciated.


Skuid Error Message

Native SFDC Error Message


after my research I only found this thread related to custom error messages and it might help:…
Here’s the documentation on Classes (the “handleMessages” part could be interesting):

Let me know if that helped,