Custom Toast messages in Skuid

We have a requirement where we want to display custom toast messages. Not sure if this is something that would be addressed in the Design System Studio. We want to display the Success and Error Toasts similar to below:

Any hints would be very helpful.

A few ideas here.

  1. Toast messages can be styled in the DSS. See image below. However - you cannot add icons or control the dismiss icon yet. Those would be interesting improvements.

  1. What you have shown look more like our Message Block component - which you can conditionally render based on data… Its styling options are much greater. And you control explicitly where it shows on the page (Unlike Toasts that can only show in select locations)

Check it out…

@Rob_Hatch Thank you for your suggestions. A question here - is it possible to make the Heading larger (Success, Required Fields in the screenshot that I shared) than the toast body if we go with the toast component? I can’t find any setting for that.

Sorry for delay. The Toast message only has declarative support for one piece of text. As such we don’t support different formatting for a header as separate from other text in the Toast message.

Thanks for the info @Rob_Hatch