Custom SF Button/Link not working in a popup unless also added to main page

Button of type Custom SF Button/Link does not work unless the same button is also added to the main page below.

I’ve got a button in a page title that opens a popup. In that popup there’s my Custom SF Button/Link in a Button Set. It’s a Conga button in case that matters. When I set it up this way, I get an error in the console:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'Id' of undefined at HTMLDivElement.<anonymous> (skuid__SkuidJS:19) at HTMLDivElement.dispatch (skuid__JQueryJS:3) at HTMLDivElement.r.handle (skuid__JQueryJS:3) (anonymous) @ skuid__SkuidJS:19 dispatch @ skuid__JQueryJS:3 r.handle @ skuid__JQueryJS:3 skuid__SkuidJS:19 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'addProblem' of undefined at da (skuid__SkuidJS:19) at callback (skuid__SkuidJS:19) at g (skuid__PlatformJS:2) at Object.<anonymous> (skuid__PlatformJS:2) at Function.each (skuid__JQueryJS:2) at a.remote.load.escape (skuid__PlatformJS:2) at e.cb (VFRemote.js:133) at constructor.doCallback (VFRemote.js:99) at constructor.onData (VFRemote.js:94) at (VFRemote.js:75) da @ skuid__SkuidJS:19 callback @ skuid__SkuidJS:19 g @ skuid__PlatformJS:2 (anonymous) @ skuid__PlatformJS:2 each @ skuid__JQueryJS:2 a.remote.load.escape @ skuid__PlatformJS:2 e.cb @ VFRemote.js:133 doCallback @ VFRemote.js:99 onData @ VFRemote.js:94 handleResponse @ VFRemote.js:75 a @ VFRemote.js:39 (anonymous) @ VFRemote.js:40

But if I also add the same Conga button to the page title where my popup window button is, even if I hide the button with rendering, the Conga button in my popup works as expected. So, it’s a viable workaround, but probably something to look at fixing.

I like seeing someone push the boundaries of Skuid. I also like seeing someone come up with a workaround all by themselves. Mad respect.

Does this happen with other custom SF buttons or is it a “Conga Only” phenomena? Do you have anything off the top of your head that would point to this being specific in nature or broader?