Custom Settings Issues

I was trying to create and utilize Custom Settings for my Skuid page.

I have a picklist field that I wanted to have two subsquent currency fields that would populate values based on the selection of the controlling picklist field.

The problem I am having was I noticed when I initially created my Custom Setting in Salesforce I accidentally created the setting as Private List. When it needed to be Public according to posts I read on the Skuid Community. 

So, I tried to edit the existing setting to change it from Private to Public. But it wouldn’t let me, so I decided to delete the whole Custom Setting and create a new one. Now when I try and create the new List and Public setting and link it to the same Custom Object I had previously created one with it says “Error: That object name is already in use.” Even though I have know other Custom Settings using that object, and have hard erased it from the deleted objects section of the Custom Settings area.

Anyone know who I can create a new Custom Setting related to this same Custom Object? Also,
what is the process of implementing it into my scenario with the picklist and dependent currency fields once I am able to hopefully create the new Custom Setting?

Are there any alternatives in Skuid to creating a Custom Setting to accomplish what I am trying to do?

This is more of a Salesforce question. In the future, to get answers quickly you can post a question like this on

Salesforce doesn’t completely erase certain metadata deleted from the UI until some time has passed, or your explicitly erase the metadata. You can erase it explicitly by going to the custom settings page, clicking “Deleted Objects” and pressing “Erase.”

As for your second question, you can put the dependent picklists on the object itself, set the dependency rules from Salesforce, and Skuid will respect them in a field editor.
Does that make sense, or is there something I’m missing?