Custom Salesforce Button

I have a simple custom Salesforce button that open a new email with email address when clicked. The button works well in standard Salesforce page but when I add to Skuid the link does not work well, I am getting the following error “You have sent us an Illegal URL or an improperly formatted request” Does anyone know what I am missing?

Andrew, Are you trying to open the ‘local’ email client for the user (that is a redirect emailto)? Or are you trying to open the email page in Salesforce? Can you post the URL that you are trying to open? Thanks, Bill

I am trying to open the ‘local’ email client with the link:
mailto:{!IF(Charter__c.Selected_Contact_1__c = True, Charter__c.Invoice_Contact_1_Email__c, “”)};{!IF(Charter__c.Selected_Contact_2__c = True, Charter__c.Invoice_Contact_2_Email__c, “”)};{!IF(Charter__c.Selected_Contact_3__c = True, Charter__c.Invoice_Contact_3_Email__c, “”)};{!Charter__c.Sales_Rep_E_Mail__c}

Thank you for your help on this Bill


Make sure that the model on the Page Title component is the same as the model that has your email addresses.

In the redirect URL field on your button change your link to look like this:




Thank you so much for this Bill, It is working now :slight_smile: