Custom Renderer Not Working - Cannot Locate Snippet

I am working on an enhancement request for a page that was designed for us by Skuid.  When working on this enhancement, I noticed that one of the fields on on the On-Click Popup was not populating.  Further investigation shows that it is being rendered by custom field renderer using a Snippet.  However, I’ve searched through all of the javascript I can locate in these pages and cannot find this snippet.  This includes the inline and static resources I can see in the javascript tab.  Any idea where this might be hiding?  Or is it possible that this piece of javascript has been lost during the course of moving the pages between orgs?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



Hi Paul. Do you think the field isn’t rendering because the snippet has been renamed, moved or removed? Another possibility is that the snippet might be living in a master page, if the page in question is a child of a master page.

Hey Mark. I’m not quite sure what to think. I am showing two JS sources, one Inline and one Static Resource. The Inline is actually tied to the master page. I don’t find any reference to this field in either sources. That makes me think that the JS may have been misplaced at some point during page moves between sandboxes and/or production?

If you look at your page versions, do you have any that go back far into the past, just to try and determine how long the JS has been missing? And of course, if it’s present in one of the page’s previous versions, then that’s easy to grab and transplant into your current version. 

Thanks for getting back to me Mark.  I’ll take a look and see if I can find a earlier version with that code in it.

Did you check the contents of your static resource that your page is referring to? (open the static resource and click View Files.)  We store some of our snippets in static resources so they can be used in multiple places, but maintained in one central place.

Hey Chandra.  I apologize for the late response.  I neglected to update this thread after I found a solution.  I did check the static resource but did not find any reference to this snippet.  What I ended up doing is changing this option back to Standard and the information began populating correctly.