Custom Picklist values based on other fields

Object B (recipe ingredient) has a lookup to Object A (Ingredient). Object A has multiple fields of measurement conversions (kg, g, L, cups, …)

There is a picklist on Object B, where I would like to only show values when the measurement conversion fields on A have data in them.

Is this possible with javascript snippet or something like that?

Appreciate any ideas. Thanks

Could you use conditional enabling or even conditional rendering to disable or hide the picklist field on Object B until there are values in Object A? 

If things were on the same object you could use standard picklist dependencies in the salesforce setup (Which skuid totally supports). But I’m not sure these are available cross object… 

i thought the picklist dependencies were from one picklist to another not a text or number field to picklist? because i can easily transfer them across into a checkbox or something like that onto the same object with formulas.