Custom object's history (field tracking) object not showing.

I’m trying to create a model for one of my custom object’s history. When I go to create a model I can find the history object of all the standard objects and even the __History objects for Skuid’s objects but my custom object’s (PO_Item__c) history object is not coming up (expected: PO_Item__History).

I have verified that this object exists in the developer console and there are even records in it, but I just can’t get it to appear in the model SObject picklist.

Any ideas?

Is track field history set in the object settings?

Yes it is

The API name of your object is confirmed to be “PO_Item__c”? I’ve got one object where the API name and Label are not the same.

Yep. I’m convinced this is some freak glitch with this specific object as all my other custom objects (including SO_Item__c haha) seem to have made __History available to Skuid.

Hey, Charles,
If you want a second pair of eyes to look at it, do you mind giving Skuid login access to your org? Not sure why the object isn’t showing in Skuid.