Custom icon set for Skuid theme

Hi, I want to use my own custom icon set for skuid theme (which is created by me based on modern theme). I want to get a feature similar to provided by skuid to add icons to buttons, tabs etc. Can we do that ?

I don’t want to do this in the way of upload icons image and adding classes to buttons…doesn’t like hacks… just looking for a feature similar to skuid standard feature to choose icons…

Team let me know is it possible now ?

Hi Vijay,

There isn’t currently a declarative or theme-based way to do this, and I see that you’ve looked through other community posts for workarounds. It is something we would like to make possible in the future, and I will make note of your post so it can be updated if/when the feature is made available. 

Hi Mark,
Thanks for your reply. Hope the feature will be available very soon.