Custom header that looks as cool as the skuid one

So I’m trying to create a custom header that looks really nice, suddenly I look up and see a great looking header!

Would you guys be able to share the configuration for the skuid header?? I have been messing around with various combinations and it would be nice if you guys could share how you built your own header. Right now I have Header -> Responsive Grid -> Navigation, but I could use a cleaner setup. Thanks.

Clone their page. It’s how I’ve been starting. Really slick too.

Wait… how can I do that?

Go to “Skuid Pages”, filter for “SkuidCoreMaster”,  open it, click “Clone”. :wink:

Make sure you’ve got the Module filter on “Any Module”, then search for SkuidCoreMaster. Alternatively you can inspect the XML for this page and just copy the contents of the header area in the XML.

Thanks pat! Now that I have my header, I saved it as a master page. Do you know if there is a way to set all of my pages as child pages of my header page? I’d rather not have to dig around in the XML on every page. Is there an easy way to make every page a child page? Or an alternative way to add a header to a bunch of pages?

Sadly no.  You have to do the XML migration.   We’ve thought about building a script for this,  but haven’t gotten to it yet.  We moved our internal CRM to a master page before Dreamforce and it took a morning of tedious copy paste…   (Thanks again @AnnaWiersema

Yup. Had to do this dozens of times now. Many many many tabs open and a good hour to get done.