Custom Field Renderer - To do Simple Calculations

Ah yes - there are 10 kinds of people in the world. Those who understand binary and those that do not…

I have a need that’s very similar to Kaede’s. I have an aggregate model that returns a summed number and I want to divide that number by 1000. But I’m rendering the number in a template. How do I invoke a custom field renderer in a template?

Hey Rob + other Skuid Folks, Can we revisit Glenn’s question above, re: invoking custom field renderer in a template?

Ah yes - I ran into this problem a week or so ago trying to build a dashboard. (more on that coming in late October). Template fields do not allow math on the fly. So I either had to go to formula fields in Salesforce, or Javascript component tied to an inline resource. I took the hard path… Here is my javascript code - replace the ALL CAPS items with your values.

//COMPONENT NAME is what you put in the custom page element 'component type' property. skuid.componentType.register('COMPONENTNAME',function(element){ var $ = skuid.$; var m = skuid.model.getModel('MODELNAME'); //Name of your model var row = m.getFirstRow(); //Using an aggregate model that only returns one row. var field = row.FIELDNAME; //Field name from your aggregate model var MathValue = (field / 1000).toFixed(2); //Do your math here element.append( m.mergeRow(row,MathValue) ); }); 

Please note - this Javascript is provided without warantee. I’m a fellow beggar. A javascript developer could do much better.

Thanks, Rob. I am working on this but haven’t figured it out yet. To confirm - the FIELDNAME should be the alias for the aggregated field, correct?

That’s correct.  Use the Alias there. 

mehh… I can’t get anything to show up at all. I have a table at the bottom of the page just to verify that the field value is coming through correctly and only one row is being returned.

OK.  That’s my bad.  I said I wasn’t good at Javascript.   I’m worse at double checking my copy paste work. 

The very last line should be

element.append( m.mergeRow(row,MathValue) ); 

Where “mathValue” is the result you want to display.

In my work I had an additional text field where I wrapped MathValue in a div, and added some introductory language and put a hyperlink to a page that showed the detail. That field was called text, and I missed making the needed change. Sorry.

I’m still not getting anything to show up on the page after changing text to mathValue. I sent it over to our devs to take a look. In the meantime, I will also be wrapping the MathValue in a div. Can I see that code, please?

Ahhh!!! I am figuring it out!!

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To style the div I just added another variable that concatenated a string with my html styling with my variable (MathValue). And then changed my mergeRow to call the “text” variable. Somthing like this:

var text = "<div class='nx-pagetitle-subtitle'> License MRR </div><div class = 'nx-pagetitle-maintitle'>$" + MathValue +"</div></div>"; element.append( m.mergeRow(row,text)

The classes referred to there are standard Skuid CSS classes, but of course you can define your own classes (which I assume you did for the template fields). Reuse those classes here and your custom item will match your template output and only you will know the difference.

Wow - I am getting really close here! I feel like I’m on a treasure hunt. While I’ve figured out how to alter the style of the MathValue by creating another variable that turns the number into text (and then putting that inside of a div) - I am getting hung up (and breaking the page) when I try to include other css that stylizes the container for the text. I imagine this is because all that code is working (so well!) on the text value and doesn’t know how to affect anything outside of those characters. What if I want that perfectly formatted MathValue/text to live inside of a cool blue box that looks like this (where the 1927 is the MathValue/text): Here is the code that I hoped would work: skuid.componentType.register(‘AggregateAssetValue’, function(element) { var $ = skuid.$; var m = skuid.model.getModel(‘AssetValue’); var row = m.getFirstRow(); var field = row.assetValueSum; var MathValue = (field / 1000).toFixed(0); var text = " " + MathValue + " some words ($k)"; element.append( m.mergeRow(row,text) }); Here is the related CSS, stored as a static resource: .infoContainer{ height: 130px; width: 210px; margin-bottom: 27px; text-align: center; display: table; } .infoGraphic{ background-color: #3cb2e1; color: #fff; display: table-cell; vertical-align: middle; cursor: pointer; } .bigNumber{ font-size: 60px; } .infoText{ font-size: 14px; }

Try putting all the text in the “var text” defininition on one line.   I know it makes it ugly - but it is the only think I can see that is different than what I have done. 


I’ve never seen so many explanations marks in the forum before.  That’s amazing. 

We’re really glad you are doing the happy dance…

These kinds of things make me very happy.

I have an aggregate model that sums two fields…Field A & Field B…I would like to have a custom field (Field C) that displays Field B as a percentage of Field A… Field A (100) Field B (10) Field C (10%) Is it possible to leverage a Javascript component tied to an inline resource…to perform the calculation? Thank you

Follow the instructions I gave Kaede above,  ensure you pull in both field A and field B as different variables  (var FieldB = row.FIELDNAME ) 
Then the MathValue line is where you would perform the calculation that produces Field C that you display. 

This works for showing the value in a custom component.   If you want this value to display in a table or field editor use a custom renderer similar to what J described at the top of this thread. 

Rob, Are there any tutorials you can point me to? I have created my summary/aggregate table…now I just need to figure out how create my Field C…and get it to display in my summary/aggregate table Field A (100) Field B (10) Field C (10%). So in order to create Field C…I would need to use Javascript in an In-Line (snippet)…not sure what my javascript code should look like…and I’m not sure how to drag/drop the Custom Snippet field onto my table (once I figure out the javascript)… I really appreciate any help…If I’m able to get this working…this would be extremely helpful… Thank you guys for any help…and have a great weekend.

Thanks again for any advice. I’m trying to understand…the steps for adding a Custom Field (Field C)…to my aggregate table. I do not believe the Template component will allow me to calculate…and I’m not able to drag a Custom component into my aggregate table… thanks