Custom CSS In Component

Hi All,
I have a custom component we developed for Email Templating. I had a request to remove the spacing in the CKEditor between the lines on the rich text field. I was able to figure this out with some custom CSS. What Im trying to figure out is how to put this into the component as currently It sits on one of our pages as inline CSS. Can I put something to append it after I use the skuid.utils.makeXMLDoc because the way it was originally developed I cannot just add it directly into the XML like I would normally do. Is there a way I can register css like we register snippets, or can I put it into the CSS piece that I found in the skuid_builders.json file?

Hey John!

Have you looked at the following tutorial:…

You should be able to add css into your runtime.css and builder.css files and reference those with your custom component.

Otherwise, you can always add inline CSS to your theme within Theme Builder, and that will be referenced on every page that uses that theme.

Good luck,