Custom Components in Brookyn not rendering with conditional rendering

We have a Custom Component that is not being rendered in Brooklyn, we have conditional rendering to show it based on some model data.
We narrowed it down to this: When we remove the conditional rendering, the component is rendered, when we add conditional rendering that evaluates to true on page load, the component is, rendered, hidden and subsequently re-rendered based on the model data it depends on, but when the conditional rendering evaluates to false on page load, even if it subsequently evaluates to true, it never renders.

I’m having the same issue. It was fine before Brooklyn.

So here’s the hack that worked for us:

  1. Add a new "Template" component, set to "Allow HTML", add this as the contents: ``` # {display:none;} ```
  2. Add a custom Rendering condition to this new template that sets it to render when the first option is selected.
  3. Update the Rendering condition on your existing "problematic" component to also render on first load.
In effect what you're doing is rendering the component in two cases just that in the default case it's hidden.