Custom Components do not show in builder while editing popup.

I’ve built a component pack with two custom components.

Here’s what they look like in the builder:

Now, when I try to configure a popup, here’s what the components list looks like:

No custom components.


Matt you have to add : isJSCreateable: true,

Check out this thread:

Thanks, Moshe.

I already have isJSCreatable: true .

Here’s the beginning of my code.

skuid.builder.core.registerBuilder(new skuid.builder.core.Builder({ <br>id: "ccoptimize__signature",<br>name: "Signature",<br>icon: "sk-icon-edit",<br>description: "Captures a signature",<br>isJSCreatable: true,<br>componentRenderer: function(component) {<br>....

Must be something else?

Looks like you’ve got a small typo:

isJSCreat<b><u>e</u></b>able : true


Create has an e at the end of it.

 isJSCreatable is not the same as isJSCreateable 

Ha. Nice. Thanks, J.