Custom Component

How to migrate a custom component from one environment to another?

If you’re moving a Custom Component from one Skuid Platform site to another, here are the steps:

  1. In your source environment, find the File Name of the Custom Component (for example, lightningProgressIndicatorzip) like shown below. You can copy it and it’ll help you find it in Files

  2. Go to Files and look for the file with that File Name (you can paste the name in search box to look for the exact file). Download the file to your computer

  3. Go to your new environment –> Configure –> Component Packs –> click Add Component Pack to upload the file you’ve downloaded

If you’re moving custom component from a Skuid on Salesforce org, you can do almost the exact same steps, but instead of looking for the zip file in Files, look for the file in Salesforce’s Static Resources and you can download the file from there. 

Hope that helps!