custom component property types

I know the answer is “coming soon” in the docs, but can someone give me a quick list of the options for “type” in the propsList definition for custom components?

var propsList = [&nbsp;{<br />&nbsp; &nbsp;id : 'person',<br />&nbsp; &nbsp;type : 'string',<br />&nbsp; &nbsp;label: 'Person to say Hello to',<br />&nbsp; &nbsp;helptext : 'Pick a name, any name!'<br />&nbsp;}<br />];


Oh man, do I have a treat for you. This is pretty unofficial, but here’s a builder file for a custom component I made with every possible type.

I know the documentation can leave you wanting in some areas, but trust me, we’re working hard to make it better.

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Thanks, Andrew! Anyway you can send the code in a format that’s a little easier to read? This came out as one long string.

Dang, that’s pretty ugly. Here’s a more readable looking one.

Yeah, I was gonna edit it, but apparently you can only edit/remove a post once.