custom component load in Skuid mobile

How do I initialize a custom component after a page panel in Skuid mobile has been loaded? I have the following code in a JS component in regular SKUID

var element = arguments[0],<br> $ = skuid.$;<br>element.css({width:'400px',height:'200px'});<br>$(document).ready(function() {<br> element.jSignature();<br> element.jSignature("reset");<br>})

If I use the same code in mobile it doesn’t work. I guess this is because the DOM is loaded differently in jQuery Mobile. How do I get the init code to run when a certain page panel is loaded? I guess something with pageInit but haven’t been able to find exactly how.

And I can get the same functionality in mobile skuid by loading the JSignature using a combination of settin ghte component id in the componet with

element.attr('id', 'idSign');

and then using a Javascript snippet when a button is tapped:


However despite trying every combination of .on .bind that I can think of instead of


I cant get the Component to initialise the signature when the panel with the component is being displayed… Any suggestions?

Try this:‘skuidMobileReady’,function(){