Custom Component in Popup

Hi Guys,

We have developed a number of custom components that we use within our product. For example our custom chatter component is shown below.

However these components are not available from within a popup.

We have worked around for some time using an IFRAME, however this is becoming unwieldy. Any ideas?

We know this is not documented anywhere, but here’s why this is happening:

For Components to be available in a Popup, they must be createable from JavaScript — e.g. the component must not require any Apex / server-side logic to be run, it must be able to be created on demand from JavaScript.

If this is true of your custom component, then you just need to add the following property to your Builder definition:

 isJSCreateable: true

So for example you just need to add it to your Builder definition like this:

skuid.builder.registerBuilder(new skuid.builder.Builder({
   id: ‘practifichatter’,
   description: ‘custom chatter’,
   isJSCreateable: true,
etc. etc.

Thanks Zach… works like a charm.