Custom Component Caching?

I am having some trouble when trying to build a custom component. I have a AntPlayBuildersJS static resource which is picking up changes to the code correctly. However, changes to the AntPlayJS static resource do not seem to be getting picked up when i preview the page. When I look in the chrome debugger, I see a reference to: But opening up this file does not contain my latest saved version (it does show the latest version when I view the static resource and via ecipse). Is this a version that is being cached in the skuid instance? Is there a way to force skuid to re-read from the latest version of the AntPlayJS file? Thanks

Hi Ant, In the page builder, when you click on your included static resource is the “Cache Resource Location” checkbox checked? If you un-check that, Skuid should stop using the cached location of your static resource. Let me know if this works.

Thanks Ben. What I had missed was the fact that I had to include the AntPlayJS file as a static resource in my skuid page. I had assumed from the examples that this was automatically getting picked up (i.e. like the AntPlayBuilders file is). Which is seems to partly do? When i include the file as a static resource within the skuid page it works when I make changes - so all good. Thanks for your help.