Custom Component & Aggregate Model - Issue with Field Property Type

I am trying to build a custom component that will use values from aggregate models. However, when I create an entry of type Field in my properties List in the Builder file, the Field Picker in the Page Builder shows me the Fields from the underlying object and not the aggregated fields I want… I was thinking that perhaps using template could do the trick, as the Field picker show the appropriate fields, not convince it will be a stable solution yet. Is there something else I can do to resolve this issue?? Thank you.


Currently there’s an issue where in some places you can choose a field, if you try to choose a field from an aggregate model,  you only see options for the fields on that model and not the aggregated functions / aliases like you’d expect. I believe this issue is what you’re running into, so we’ll notify you when this is solved in a future release. In the meantime, using the template could work, or you could also go into the XML of the page and change the field from the aggregate model to whichever of its aliases you would like to use.