Custom Chatter Publisher Actions!!

Oh man, just stumbled across this 2013 post from Zach on a blog I had no idea existed and it caused my mind to overflow with awesome ideas. For an org like ours that heavily uses Chatter, I can’t wait to add some cool stuff.

One idea in particular - i created a custom page to “Request a feature” or “Report a problem” that create either User Stories or Bugs in Agile Accelerator, with some stuff pre-set so an end user doesn’t have to, for example, no which ‘build’ a bug is found in. I added it to the home page, but nobody seems to find it easily. How cool would it be to add into Chatter as a global action…on practically every page! When I get around to it I’ll post the results back here

Awesome Jack, glad you’re finding it useful! I agree, tons of uses cases for orgs that heavily leverage Chatter.

I just looked back at that post, and step 5 could be redone to use Action Framework instead of JavaScript — this was posted before Skuid has the Action Framework. So 100% no code!