Custom Action Support

Custom Action support has been talked about for a long time (here, here, here and others).  About 1.5 years ago, in this post, it was mentioned that custom actions are exposed for custom components although as far as I know, it still has yet to be documented how to officially accomplish this. 

Encountering the need for this constantly lately, I decided to dig in to see what could be done. Below is a demo of what that functionality might look like and how powerful it could be.  

I think we’d all agree that Skuid is awesome.  Unfortunately, as great as the team is, they cannot possibly keep up with all “features” that Skuid customers/partners want and need.  To me, the most important “feature” Skuid can add is the “extensibility feature” - e.g. custom actions, custom conditions, etc.  Armed with the ability to extend, Skuid customers (and in turn, Skuid itself) can truly realize the full potential of this amazing product.  In short, the possibilities would be endless.

Skuid - Can you let us know when Custom Actions, both for components and for global use will be officially supported and documented?

Thanks for documenting Barry.  You are correct that this has been requested in several places.  I’ll mark this as under consideration and let all you guys vote it up. 

Thanks Rob!

Vote this up, people!

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Agree totally with this.

Creating components is difficult at best with the limited documentation. Please tell me we’re going to see something significant on this front.


Barry and I have connected through email on this but I wanted to provide a wider update to the community.

We plan to provide the ability to create and register custom actions (and formulas, and other things), but we have some work that we need to do first in order to accomplish this. We want to be able to support packaging of components, formulas, actions, themes etc. in a way that allows them to be versioned. We need to do the work to support versioning and packaging before we do the work to manage registration of custom actions and other things, since it will likely affect how the latter gets implemented. Additionally, we are exploring ways to better expose actions in the App Composer UI, because - as you’ve probably noticed - it’s already hard to find the action you want in the current action picker.

I don’t have a target release for this yet, so I’m going to leave the status as Under Consideration until I do.

Very excited to see these features implemented.  Thank you!