Currency item appears in number format, not currency

how do you make the total price value appear as a number e.g. containing commas. So the number above should read £671,502.29 . The field is a sum of the TotalPrice on opportunity line items

Are you summing the opportunity amounts in JS?   If you can use the currency field renderer you should get commas.  Otherwise if you are just injecting a field value - you may need to parse the number and add commas. 

If you use an aggregate model you can simply use field merge syntax - that will correct include the currency renderer. 

Can you elaborate on this, Rob? I’m using an aggregate model and a UI only formula field to display a currency value in a rich text component - and (luckily) we need some commas. 

Figured it out. formula output as a number value. triple curly brackets in the UI only formula field, double curly brackets in the rich text component. :slight_smile:

Way to go…