Currency Conversion - Different from Standard Layout

Pretty straight-forward problem here:

If my currency is set to EUR on a new opportunity, and I set a value to EUR 2,007.00, Skuid shows that the converted value is 2,676.00 USD.

Yet on the Standard Layout page for the Opportunity (and in reporting), it displays as EUR 2,007.00 (USD 2,758.02).

Lastly, I’m not sure if this is necessarily a Skuid thing, but it really doesn’t make sense. When I go to Forecasting, the Skuid value is used (2,676 USD).

Any ideas? It seems as though it might be causing some major discrepancies between our Forecasting and our Reporting when it comes to non-USD opportunities.

Hard to say w/o actually looking at your org.  Are you using dated exchange rates?  If so, maybe skuid is using the currency rate and NOT the dated exchange rate.

Good point, I completely overlooked that. We are using dated exchange rates - they’ve been the same since May 1st.

It still raises the question as to why our Forecasts are based on the Skuid values - those two conversions shouldn’t even be linked, correct?

Or does it just happen to be that the Forecast tab is using the same exchange rate that Skuid is using?

I’ve somewhat answered my own question.

Dated Exchange Rates do not apply to the Forecast tab - only the Account/Opportunity objects. So I was correct in assuming that Forecasts and Skuid just happen to use the same exchange rate.

The bigger issue for us is fixing our Forecasts - but is there any way to make the Skuid exchange rate the same as the Opportunity/Account it’s based on?

Skuid does not currently support dated exchange rates.  Its on our to-do list.  We will look to your base currency conversion rate,  but not to the rate that is appropriate for the particular date in question for the account or opportunity.  Sorry. 

Working with currencies in a multi-currency Org has it quirks.  Especially SOQL queries and WHERE clauses.

I work with very large enterprise customers and almost all use dated exchange rates.  

Thinking out loud:

(1) Create a remote action that returns the converted value.  
(2) Create a model to hold the conversion rates and then perform the conversions in a snippet.

<b>SELECT IsoCode, ConversionRate FROM CurrencyType</b>

Thanks Rob. Any estimated timeframe on when you think these changes might happen?

This isn’t critical for us, as the bigger issue is related to forecasting/reporting and we only have a small percentage of non-USD deals. But it would be nice to know in case we decide to develop a workaround similar to what Irvin is suggesting. No need to reinvent (or simultaneously invent, if you will) the wheel.


also a question on “Parenthetical” conversions - for some reason Skuid pages are still showing the parenthetical conversion value, even though that setting is disabled in our org - is there any reason why skuid pages would show this value brackets while standard salesforce pages do not?