CSS property for page include

Any chance a CSS property could be added to Page Includes?  It has a unique ID but is lacking CSS currently.

Thank you!

Just checking here Barry.   What would you want to do generically to the page include that you could not do within the definition of the included page? 

Hi Rob - I have a couple of use cases for this.  

1) I have a page include that would appear multiple time on a page and would like to style differently. UniqueID isn’t enough for this case because Id’s have to be unique within the HTML.  Having a CSS property would allow me to style each include differently.

2) I have a page include that is used on multiple pages but I’d like them to be styled differently.  I could use “UniqueID” for this but this is a little less than ideal since the “UnqiueId” would have to be very generic naming (e.g. orderList instead of poOrderList) in order to get re-use out of the CSS for #orderList across pages that I want styled like an order list.

Hope this helps.  Thanks!

Hi Barry,

You can already do this through the XML editor.  Just add a cssclass=“myClass” attribute to your page include xml.  I’ll work on getting this property added to the builder in a later release.

Doh, I should have thought of that!  Editing XML will work for now Ben. Appreciate the guidance and for adding to the builder as time permits.  Thanks!

This property has been added in patch release 6.8.7, available from www.skuidify.com/skuidreleases

Tested and confirmed, thank you!