CSS: Input Components

I have a field editor with a handful of normal text fields, a text box, and a radio style option button.  I want to set the height of each “row” to a certain value, but this ends up shrinking the radio button.  How can I adjust only  the radio button?  I know there is syntax to adjust only certain field types (or not adjust certain types), but I can’t seem to get this to work.  Help please…

Before we finalize the superbank release,  you will be able to assign ID’s to specific fields in a field editor.   We’d encourage you to wait for that feature before you attempt a “field level” customization. 

If you need to go forward now you will have to traverse to the :nth-child()  of the field editor.   And be careful because this count starts at top right and then goes down each column and section.  So additing anything above and to the left of your field will mess up the CSS selector.

Sorry for the non-answer.