Css change on link to a tab

I’m overriding the standard tabs and using a combination of a link and javascript to switch between tabs. For example:

My Inbox ({{$Model.CasesCountSum.data.length}})

My question is whether I can change the css of the above text (e.g. to bold) when that related tab is selected/active to replicate what currently happens on tabs?

If you mean the Skuid Tab Set, you can change the style either in the theme composer or by using this CSS selector:

.ui-tabs .ui-tabs-nav li.ui-tabs-active {<br>&nbsp; font-weight: bold;<br>}

So this is the page, the links on the left handside are templates that are replacing the tabs set (which I have hidden). The reason for using templates is that I can update the count numbers be setting a render action every few seconds.

Each template link will load re-direct to the tab contents which is a page include.

So, I would like to have the links (on the left) to be highlighted when that relevant tab is active.

Alright, then in your snippet you would have to add a class (e.g. active-menu-point) to the clicked template (and of course remove all the other active classes).

Afterwards you can set the style on the given class.