Creating Schedule on LineItem drawer

Hi All - I’m new to Skuid and am currently testing in a sandbox org. I’m trying to simplify the way my users add products and their associated schedules. So far I’m using the Opportunity page with a tab for the LineItem. Within that tab I have a table for the products that have been added and then created a drawer for the schedule portion. Right now it will display the current schedule for the product and allow me to edit the existing, but when I try to add a new schedule date and save I get the below error:

Has anybody run into this before or have any other ideas on how to simplify managing products and their schedules?

Also, anybody have an idea why the Type field comes up only ‘null’ in the picklist?  I had to create an action that updates on save to Revenue to try to get around this.  When I remove the action I still get the same error so I don’t think it’s the cause of it, but would be interested to know why that field only has ‘null’ in the list.

Ok… I figured out what was happening.  When I setup the condition on lineitem i setup to pass a parameter which i misppelled (‘id’ instead of ‘Id’).  Once i updated that no problems saving.

Armand.  Glad you figured out your issue.  Case sensitivity is a total pain. 

I don’t think any of us at SKiud have spent much time with product schedules, and I know that SF standard objects often have some special wrinkles that make them tough to work around.  Let us know if you have more specific questions about skuid though.