Creating records at bottom of the related list table

Is there an option to provide location of the new row created using Javascript snippet. We are using createRow and passing field values to create a new row on ‘Add Row Action’ for each row on a model. so once the row action is selected it creates a row on another model which is displayed on the page but at the moment it is adding row on top of the list. How to make the row to add on bottom of the list. Is it possible through code?

 var row = planogramEntries.createRow({        additionalConditions: [
            { field: ‘Account__c’, value: },
            { field: ‘Product__c’, value: field.item.row.Id },
            { field: ‘Code__c’, value: field.item.row.Item_Number__c },
            { field: ‘Is_Present__c’, value: true },
            { field: ‘SRP__c’, value: field.item.row[srpFieldName] },
            { field: ‘Name’, value:’-’+ field.item.row.Item_Number__c + ‘-’ + todaysDate }

Use "doAppend=true"

Thank you. I just found out myself just immediately after I posted my query :)