Creating public skuid page that is password protected

We want to set up a skuid page that our clients can access from our website to view their open cases from salesforce. This would require that the client login to the page so their information is protected and will only show their cases. We don’t use salesforce communities and we don’t intend to.

Is there a way to accomplish this? It would essentially be a skuid public page that is password protected.

I thought about creating custom fields on the contact record to store username (ie. email) and password and then setting up a skuid page with a contact model that will query contacts that match the username/password and then query cases based on this contact. The issue is that when a user refreshes the page, they need to log back in again.

Hey @Real_Estate_Services !

I will double-check, but for this use case, the best solution is probably to use communities to expose the individualized data pages. By using the current suggested method the user will need to sign in every time and it will lead to poor user adoption.

It will also lead to potentially leaked data for incorrect users.


@Germany Thanks! The main issue with communities is that it is expensive. We have a lot of clients that would be accessing cases so the cost wouldn’t make sense for communities. Hoping there is a different option.

Communities has two pricing models. One where you buy “users” and another where you buy monthly logins. Sounds like you might want the monthly login option. Otherwise you probably want to migrate your case management outside of Salesforce. You can probably find one that integrates with Salesforce. By the time you do that, though, it probably will be as expensive as communities.

The use case being described is exactly what Salesforce Communities is built for. Authenticated access to limited data by an external party. I’m afraid that any “workaround” solutions that let you use a public guest access user would be a violation of your SF TOS. (But I’m not your lawyer). I’m sorry about this, but its the business.

Having said that - Skuid is going to help you make one super nice community site.