Creating filters based on financial quarters

Hi, I have filter on opportunities which displays the list of Opportunities closing this month or next month and so on. Now I want to filter the opportunities based on the Quarter. So, i want to track the list of opportunities in Q-1, Q-2, Q-3 and Q-4. My issue is, I am going wrong while creating the conditions for it. So for us, Q-1 is from july to september and the condition that i added is: This condition is displaying opportunities whose close date is exactly on July-1-2016 and sept-30-2016 but not the opportunities with close dates between July and September months. How to create a filter which shows all the opportunities whose close date is between July and September. Thanks. -Avinash

Someone may have a better solution for this, but consider creating a Salesforce formula field that converts that month of the close date into a number between 1 to 12. Then you can filter based on the closing month being greater than 6 (June) and less than 10 (October) to identify records from July to September.

Hi Avinash

Try to create 2 Conditions for each Quarter with one being “greater than or equal” to the start date and the other being “less than or equal” the end date. Then you could make the filter affect 2 Conditions and it should work.

I only want to track the Close date. the list of opportunities whose close is in this quarter. It doesn’t matter if the opportunity start date is yesterday or a year back. So in this case, will it work if i have two conditions as being “greater than or equal” & “less than or equal” and both the conditions using Close date field. Will this work?

Hi Avinash

Sorry i meant the start date of the quarter and the end date of the quarter. 

Your Conditions should look something like Closed date greater than or equal July 1 and the other one Closed date is less than or equal to sept 30.