Creating a dynamically changing Lead List View.

I am trying to create a Lead List View. I need it to do two things.

1) We are utilizing Lightning Voice as our dialer which has an ADD TO CALL LIST functionality - I want to be able for one agent to ADD leads to said Call List and have them disappear from the List View (to prevent another agent from calling that lead)

2) I need smart filtering meaning - I have two fields - one is age and one is Call attempts, I want to be able to not only filter on Age…but then again on Call Attempts.

Just starting on SKUID so any help is appreciated.

Hi Tyson

Here some thoughts to your questions:

1) They way I understand your question you need two tables (LeadListView open to all agents & CallList rendering according to logged in agent). Set up two models (one for each table) with the same SF object but different model conditions. When an agent ADDs a lead to his/her Call List (by button?) you set the action to update a field and then requery the two models (e.g. a lookup field that is being filled with the “agent’s userid” or a checkbox “agent assigned=true”). This field can be used as the condition on both models (e.g. the Lead list view model has the condition “agent field = blank” or “checkbox = false” and the agent’s Call List has the condition “agent field = user id / not blank” or “checkbox =true”). Like that you should start to fill up your CallList but the same record should no longer be in LeadListView) with only shows unassigned Leads. Here also the URL link to the Skuid documentation on model conditions:

2) They way I understand it you want two filters. One for age and one for call attempts. When filtering on age first you can go ahead and set the call attempts filter as well and also change one or the other again. It will show you all possible call attempts picklist values and when you choose a call attempt picklist value it will also keep the age filter (so you may get an empty list because no record exists with the chosen age-call attempt-picklist-value-combination). This is the standard Skuid filter functionality. If you want to make the two filters dependable it is a little trickier but also doable declaratively. Here also the URL Link to the filter documentations:

Please let us know if you need any more help.