Creating a calender using the Campaign Object

We have a calendar created where the current implementation is : 

Current: Event is generated out of a campaign and events show up on the calender.  The event fields are populated from campaign.  I do not understand why it was done this way and I have asked people around but no one could tell me.   

We get number of requests to update the event record (generated from campaign) with fields from campaign.  Since there is a limitations on the fields on event object,  I decided to create a calendar from campaign OBJECT instead of events. I am able to do but I am facing an issue.  

On calendar,  datetime data should be used. I tried to override the start and end date on campaign to datetime.  But when I use it it gives me the following error (see image):

Question 2:  I was wondering if there was a limitation on the skuid end, and that is why it was done that way.

Hi Jaiti,

You will have to create datetime fields on the campaign object for event start and end datetime to get meaningful results with the calendar. Formula fields are fine, however if you for some reason can’t (due to your project requirements), workflow / process populated standard datetime fields work as well.

Be aware that on conversion from date to datetime you will run into all kinds of weird and wonderful issues getting the time displayed correctly. Factors that play a role are org time zone, daylight savings, date fields delivering midnight as default time etc. 

An hour added is 60/1440 (resulting in +0.0416666), three hours taken away is 180/1440 (resulting in -0.125) etc.

Good luck!


Edit: if you can’t add salesforce fields at all, you can solve this with Skuids “UI only” fields too. The formula syntax is much more complex if you don’t know JavaScript and you can’t add UI only fields as model conditions to query your models.