Create Tasks using Mass Action on Contact Table

I have a table with Contacts. I want to apply a Mass Action where a user can check off various Contacts and Tasks are automatically created. I’m able to create the Tasks, but I can’t figure out how to associate the Tasks to the correct Contact and Account.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

This should be totally possible. A few notes.

  1. Make sure Contact ID and AcountID are in the contact model that you have the page on.

  2. In your action sequence I assume you are usin gthe “Create new row(s)” action. It has a “Add default values” sub-option that you will need to use to pass values into the new row from your contact row. Using the “Update field on rows” action will not work.

  1. You probably want to pass the contact {{Id}} value into the WhoId field on the task, and the contact {{AccountId}} value into the WhatId (or AccountId) field on the task.

This sort of mass record creation tool - that prepopulates the records contextually - is a really cool feature that is sort of buried in Skuid. You can almost do ETL with Skuid. Super cook for an administrator needing to clean up a bunch of things…

Thanks a lot Rob! That worked perfectly.